Frequently Asked Questions

What's considered "General Counsel" services?

What specific legal services your General Counsel would be willing to provide the company is completely up to him or her. "General Counsel" services, more broadly, is legal work that could potentially cover a wide range of practice areas, all touching on some aspect of the company operation. For example, general counsel work could include resolution of employment matters, issues related to corporate governance or regulatory compliance, privacy concerns, contracting or licensing, devising policy and procedure, addressing buisness disputes or customer escalations, negotiating deals, managing the company's intellectual property portfolio, the list goes on. As the name suggests, General Counsel services are more general versus highly specialized or specific. In many organizations, the General Counsel services as a "legal quarterback" of sorts, running the plays when he or she can (and feels able to), but advising the leadership team about when it might be best to call in others. There's usually an oversight component to General Counsel work as well.

What is myGC Legal?

myGC Legal is best described as equal parts technology platform, marketing firm and legal placement service. myGC Legal is not a law firm and does not, in and of itself, provide legal services.

Are the corporate counsel in the network employees of myGC Legal?

No. myGC Legal doesn't employ or hire any of the attorneys in the network. All of the attorneys who sign on with myGC Legal are independent contractors. They either have their own single-member law firms, or they work for an established law firm. Either way, they are not employees of myGC Legal.

What is the selection criteria for General Counsel looking to join the myGC Legal network?

When admitting new attorneys to the network, we look at the canditate's overall profile and consider a variety of factors (none of which are dispositive). These factors may include a candidate's previous work history, experience in-house and in private practice, total years of experience, and attorney referrals and/or references. In accepting new candidates to the myGC Legal network, we also look for a general willingness to work within the myGC Legal guidelines, particularly as it relates to fixed rates and working in predetermined blocks of time. Admission to the myGC Legal network is competitive.

What is meant by "fractional" General Counsel services?

"Fractional" means something less than full-time (or roughly 40 hours per week, 160 hours per month). If what your company wants or needs s full-time General Counsel, then myGC Legal likely isn't going to be your best or most cost-effective option. You may be better off just making that type of hire directly. However, many companies - whether due to lack of sufficient revenues or the volume of legal work - don't have the ability or desire to make a full-time General Counsel hire. But, those management teams still acknowledge the tremendous value of having ready access to high-caliber corporate counsel. This is where myGC Legal comes in and offers the most value. By engaging myGC Legal to work on your corproate counsel placement, you gain access to a deep network of highly-qualified General Counsel all willing to work with your company on a fractional basis under an alternate (and usually highly discounted) fee structure.

My company already has a General Counsel and an existing legal department. Is myGC Legal still a good option for finding part-time corporate counsel?

Yes, absolutely. Although most companies seeking General Counsel through the myGC Legal platform are small or medium-sized companies, there is no reason why a larger company with an established legal department couldn't also use myGC Legal to find excellent corporate counsel on a fractional basis. The same myGC Legal business model would apply.

Is my company charged something to join the myGC Legal network?

No. For companies looking to make a fractional General Counsel hire, there is no cost to join the myGC Legal network or get us working on your placement. This is all completely free. The only time you may be required to pay us something for our placement services is if you decide to hire your fractional General Counsel on a full-time basis. In that particular case, myGC Legal would have a right to charge you a "perm fee" (or fee for "going permanent" with your company). The General Counsel who join the myGC Legal network do pay an annual fee for membership and certain administrative support functions.

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