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Our Community

Newport, New Hampshire was chartered in 1761.  Back then, the nearest incorporated town to Newport was Charlestown at a distance of 20 miles.  Today, Newport, located in the heart of the Lake Sunapee Region, is home to about 6,500 residents. Summercrest proudly serves Newport and the surrounding communities of Sunapee, New London, Claremont, Charlestown, Goshen, Croydon, Springfield, and Grantham and we welcome residents from as far away as Florida and California.
Newport residents and businesses are focused on helping their community by strongly supporting associations such as the Newport Service Organization, Hoyt Community Care Center, Newport Area Association of Churches, Newport Rotary Club, Community Alliance, Turning Points, and the Newport Senior Center.  There is an extraordinary community spirit in Newport.  Organizations like the Richards Free Library, the Library Arts Center, Newport’s Historical Society, and the Chamber of Commerce enthusiastically contribute to the revitalization of our town.  

Roots and traditions are an important part of our society.  Newport enjoys one of the longest-running Farmers Markets in New Hampshire.  The annual Winter Carnival is the “oldest continuous town winter carnival in the country” and dates back to 1916.  The Town Common and the Newport Opera House (listed on the National Register of Historic places) are popular gathering places for concerts and other events.

Newport strongly supports local businesses.  MJ Harrington & Company Jewelers and Kathan Gardens are just a couple of the more than 500 businesses in the 03773 zip code.  Since 1963 Sturm, Ruger and Company have been an important part of the socio-economic environment and are currently Newport’s leading employer.   We are proud to share that Summercrest is also one of Newport’s top employers.  Not only are we able to provide a secure, nurturing residence for our seniors, but we are also fortunate to support the livelihoods for many younger people and their families.

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